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Poetronica (Electronic music fused with Poetry & Spoken Word) is a genre slowly growing in the UK & USA. This site is a directory of artists working within this field. It is free to add artist listings and an archive of performers within this field

How to use this WIKI...

  • Add the relevant artist to the "Poetronica Artists' Page (left hand-side of the page)
  • Create a page for each artist working within this field (feel free to add links to their website, Twitter, Facebook account etc)
  • Add news, Gigs, listing in the homepage's Discussion

Record Labels / Agents

  • Please do not contact us.external image 179811_497274023996_6385123996_6312684_8092915_n.jpg

Terms & Conditions

  • Please do not add acts who do not have proof of their work
  • Please do not Spam

This is a community feel free to add relevant pages, information, events etc (All pages can be edited by you with the exception of the home page (this page)

Brian Eno - glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records